Listen With the Ear of Your Heart


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What is spiritual direction? An attentive, witnessed space where you can learn to live more wholeheartedly no matter what circumstances bring…


Profound stories about ordinary things. Audio essays that act like micro-retreats.  Reasons to stop and rest.

About Me

I have some credentials (an M.A. in English Literature, Certification in Spiritual Direction, and an M.F.A.  in Creative Nonfiction), but almost everything I know I learned through stories: family stories, works of literature, the tales of friends and neighbors and saints. I suspect that every little, seemingly ordinary story is a fractal, a miniature replica of the saga of the Real’s pursuit of us and our pursuit of the Real.

I am an Associate of the Episcopal Order of Julian of Norwich, a contemplative Benedictine monastic community. I live and listen and write in a rural mountain valley in Colorado with my husband and our dog

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"Listen ... with the ear of your heart."
~St. Benedict

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